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Trap The Cat

Trap the Cat is a simple puzzle game where players must try to trap a cat by placing walls around it. The goal is to create a closed-in space so that the cat cannot escape. Here's how to play and earn points in Trap the Cat:

  1. Place walls: To trap the cat, players must place walls around it. Walls can be placed by clicking on an empty square on the game board. Players can place walls vertically or horizontally, but they cannot cross each other or extend outside the game board.

  2. Move the cat: The cat will move around the game board in an attempt to escape. Players can move the cat by clicking on it and then clicking on an adjacent square.

  3. Trap the cat: The goal is to create a closed-in space so that the cat cannot escape. Once the cat is trapped, the game is over and the player earns points based on the number of walls used to trap the cat.

  4. Progression: As players progress through the game, they will encounter more challenging levels with more complex game boards and faster-moving cats. To progress, players must continue to trap the cat while using as few walls as possible.

  5. Bonus points: In addition to earning points for trapping the cat, players can also earn bonus points for completing a level quickly or using a certain number of walls or less.

Overall, Trap the Cat is a simple yet challenging game that requires strategy and critical thinking. To earn points and progress through the game, players must use their wits to outsmart the cat and trap it using as few walls as possible. With its straightforward gameplay and addictive challenges, Trap the Cat is a great choice for puzzle game fans of all ages.


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