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The White Room

The White Room is an escape space video game with an unwinded speed. You are locked in a room and also you need to leave it utilizing reasoning as well as the things around you. There is no timer, so you have time to believe a little bit more plainly!
Stanley is currently in the white room, lastly he got to the place he wished to reach, currently he is mosting likely to run away from there and quickly for the reports concerning this area being a whole retreat home could be true, as well as if so then he has a whole lot on his plate there.

Getaway gamers, the white room is giving that vibe of getaway or otherwise in all, that knows what may take place to individuals if they are unable to escape from there, but Stanley is not going to remain there as well as find-out. Will you help Stanley leave there before things transforms for the worst for in the room?

The White Room is a point-and-click space retreat video game developed by Isotronic. You are caught in the area currently and you need to utilize your logic and different challenge run away.


Using Mouse

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