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Tank Wars

Tank Wars is a classic artillery-style game where players control tanks and aim to destroy opposing tanks. The primary objective of Tank Wars is to eliminate all enemy tanks before they eliminate you. Here's how to play and the main objectives of the game:

  1. Controls: Tank Wars is typically played using a keyboard or mouse. The controls may vary depending on the version or platform you're playing on, but generally, you'll use arrow keys or mouse movements to adjust the angle and power of your tank's shots.

  2. Aim and Shoot: Position your tank on the screen and adjust the angle and power of your shot to aim at enemy tanks. The goal is to hit them accurately and cause damage.

  3. Destroy Enemy Tanks: Your main objective is to destroy all enemy tanks on the battlefield. Each successful hit decreases the health or armor of the enemy tanks. Keep shooting until all opposing tanks are eliminated.

  4. Avoid Getting Hit: While attacking enemy tanks, it's crucial to avoid getting hit by their projectiles. Move your tank strategically, take cover, or utilize the terrain to protect yourself from enemy fire. Getting hit reduces your tank's health or armor, and if it reaches zero, your tank is destroyed.

  5. Strategic Positioning: Position your tank strategically on the battlefield to gain a better advantage. Take advantage of obstacles, such as walls or buildings, to shield yourself from enemy shots. Consider the angle, distance, and terrain to make precise shots and maximize your chances of hitting enemy tanks while minimizing their ability to hit you.

  6. Power-ups and Upgrades: Some versions of Tank Wars may feature power-ups or upgrades that enhance your tank's abilities. These can include improved armor, faster projectiles, or special weapons. Utilize these power-ups strategically to gain an advantage over your opponents.

  7. Multiplayer or Single Player: Tank Wars can be played in different modes, including multiplayer, where you compete against other players, or single-player, where you challenge computer-controlled opponents.

Remember, the specific mechanics and gameplay may differ depending on the version or platform you're playing on. It's always a good idea to consult the game's instructions or tutorial to understand the specific controls and rules.

Overall, the main objectives in Tank Wars are to destroy enemy tanks, avoid getting hit, and strategically position yourself to gain an advantage. Enjoy the tank battles and strive for victory!


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