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Taming Io

Taming.io is a multiplayer survival game where players control an animal and must survive in the wilderness by gathering resources, building shelter, and defending themselves against predators. To earn points and progress in the game, players must do the following:

  1. Collect Resources: Players must gather resources such as wood, stones, and food to survive. These resources can be found by foraging in the wilderness or by hunting other animals.

  2. Build Shelter: To survive in the game, players must build a shelter where they can rest and protect themselves from predators. Players can use their collected resources to build and upgrade their shelter.

  3. Level up: Players can level up their animal by earning experience points (XP). XP can be earned by killing other animals, completing tasks, or gathering resources. As players level up, they can access new skills and abilities that can help them survive.

  4. Tame Animals: Players can also tame other animals to join their pack, which can help them gather resources and defend against predators. Taming animals requires specific items that can be found in the game.

  5. Defend Against Predators: Players must also defend themselves against predators such as wolves, bears, and other players. They can do this by building walls, crafting weapons, and working together with other players in a pack.

Overall, Taming.io is a game that requires strategy and survival skills to progress. By gathering resources, building shelter, leveling up, taming animals, and defending against predators, players can earn points and progress through the game. So, join the adventure and survive in the wilderness of Taming.io!



using mouse

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