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Strands - New York Times Games

What is Strands?

Strands, a cool word game from the New York Times, is a fun mix of word challenges and themes. Picture a 6-by-8 grid filled with letters that you explore to find words connected by a common theme.

What sets Strands apart is that it's not your typical word puzzle. You can form words in all sorts of ways, not just in a straight line. The game keeps things fresh with new themes every day, helping you grow your vocabulary and knowledge.

Ranking of this game

In the Strands universe, your journey is marked by scores. Each puzzle you solve adds up points based on the words you find. Aim high and go for a 5-star rating by tackling the puzzle with skill. Your scores and how far you've come are neatly tracked in your New York Times Games account, a digital badge of honor for your word-solving prowess.

How to play Strands?

Start the Game:

Open Strands to see the letter grid. Each day brings a new puzzle for you to solve.

Get the Theme:

Figure out the theme for the day. It could be animals, countries, or something else. This theme guides which words you're looking for on the board.

Find Words:

Connect letters to make words related to the theme. You can go up, down, sideways, or even in a twisty path. Start from any letter on the grid.

Use the Spangram:

Look for the special word called the spangram. It connects two sides of the board and helps uncover the theme. Use it to guide your strategy for finding other words.

Score Points and Stars:

Every correct word adds points to your score. Aim for the highest score and try to get a 5-star rating by finding all the themed words efficiently. Keep going until you've explored the theme and maxed out your score. Have fun word-hunting!

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