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Setris is a puzzle game that combines elements of the classic game Tetris with the unique mechanics of the card game Set. Here's how you can play Setris:

  1. Game Setup: Setris is typically played on a grid-based game board. The board is divided into cells or squares where cards will be placed.

  2. Card Attributes: Setris uses cards with various attributes: shape, color, number, and shading. Each card can have one of three shapes (e.g., circle, square, triangle), one of three colors (e.g., red, green, blue), one of three numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3), and one of three shadings (e.g., solid, striped, empty).

  3. Card Placement: At the beginning of the game, a set number of cards will be dealt onto the game board. The goal is to arrange these cards to form sets.

  4. Creating Sets: A set consists of three cards that satisfy one of two possible criteria for each attribute: a. All attributes are the same (e.g., three cards with the same shape, color, number, and shading). b. All attributes are different (e.g., three cards with different shapes, colors, numbers, and shadings).

  5. Selecting Sets: The player's task is to identify sets on the game board. To do this, visually scan the cards and look for three cards that meet the criteria for forming a set. You can select the cards by clicking or tapping on them.

  6. Set Removal: When a valid set is selected, the three cards will be removed from the game board, creating empty spaces. New cards are then typically added to fill those empty spaces, maintaining a constant number of cards on the board.

  7. Scoring: In Setris, you usually earn points for successfully identifying and removing sets. The specific scoring mechanism may vary depending on the game variant or implementation. Typically, you earn higher scores for more challenging sets or for finding multiple sets in quick succession.

  8. Game Progression: The game continues as you keep identifying and removing sets from the board. The challenge increases as the board fills up with more cards, requiring you to think strategically and quickly identify sets to make room for new cards.

  9. Game Over: The game typically ends when there are no more valid sets available on the board, or when a predetermined time limit or score threshold is reached. At that point, you can review your final score and try to improve upon it in subsequent games.

Please note that the specific rules and mechanics of Setris may vary depending on the implementation or variant of the game. It's always a good idea to consult any in-game tutorials, instructions, or official documentation provided by the game developers for the most accurate and detailed guidance on how to play Setris.


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