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Roshambo, also known as Rock-Paper-Scissors, is a simple and popular hand game played between two players. The objective is to win rounds by selecting a hand sign that defeats the opponent's hand sign. Here's how to play and earn points or progress in Roshambo:

  1. Basic Rules: Roshambo is typically played using hand signs representing three different objects: rock, paper, and scissors. The basic rules for determining which hand sign wins are:

    • Rock beats scissors: A closed fist representing a rock defeats a hand gesture resembling scissors.
    • Scissors beat paper: A two-finger gesture representing scissors defeats a flat hand representing paper.
    • Paper beats rock: An open hand representing paper defeats a closed fist resembling a rock.
  2. Two-Player Setup: Roshambo requires two players. Each player should be aware of the hand signs for rock, paper, and scissors.

  3. Game Progression: The game progresses in rounds, with each round consisting of both players simultaneously revealing their chosen hand sign. The winner of each round earns a point or progresses in the game.

  4. Hand Sign Selection: On the count of three or a predetermined signal, both players simultaneously reveal their chosen hand sign by making the corresponding gesture with their hand.

  5. Determining the Winner: After revealing their hand signs, the winner of the round is determined based on the rules mentioned earlier. The winning hand sign earns a point or allows the player to progress.

  6. Scoring and Progression: The scoring system or progression in Roshambo can be customized based on the agreed rules. Typically, players keep track of the number of rounds won by earning points. The player who reaches a predetermined number of points first, such as best of three or best of five, is declared the winner.

  7. Ties: In the event of a tie where both players reveal the same hand sign, no points are awarded, and the round is usually replayed.

  8. Strategy and Mind Games: Roshambo can involve elements of strategy and psychological tactics. Players may try to predict their opponent's next move or attempt to bluff by using patterns or feigning their chosen hand sign.

  9. Sportsmanship and Fair Play: Roshambo is a friendly and light-hearted game. It's important to maintain good sportsmanship, follow the agreed rules, and play fair without resorting to cheating or aggressive behavior.

  10. Repeat Rounds: Players can continue playing Roshambo by repeating the rounds, keeping track of points, and progressing toward the predetermined winning condition.

Roshambo is a quick and enjoyable game that requires a bit of luck and strategy. The simplicity of the rules allows for easy gameplay and makes it accessible for people of all ages.


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