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Mystery Mansion

To play the game Mystery Mansion, follow these general guidelines and understand the main objectives:

  1. Setup: Place the game board in the center of the playing area and distribute character cards to each player. Each player selects a character and places their corresponding token on the starting space of the board. Shuffle the deck of room cards and deal them face-down, one to each room space on the board. Shuffle the deck of clue cards and place it within reach of all players.

  2. Game Flow: The game progresses in turns, starting with the first player and proceeding clockwise.

  3. Movement: On your turn, roll the dice to determine how many spaces you can move your character. You may move in any direction, but not diagonally. You cannot move through locked doors.

  4. Entering Rooms: When you move your character into a room space, draw a clue card from the deck specific to that room and keep it secret. This card may provide valuable information about the murder, suspects, weapons, or crime scene.

  5. Interaction and Accusation: During your turn, you may choose to interact with other characters in the same room. Interactions can involve sharing information, exchanging clue cards, or making suggestions about the murder. Other players can confirm or refute your suggestions by presenting contradictory evidence.

  6. Deduction and Guessing: As you gather information, use deductive reasoning to narrow down the possibilities. Formulate your hypothesis by making an accusation about the suspect, weapon, and location of the crime. You must be in the room you're accusing. If correct, you win the game. However, if incorrect, you're eliminated from the investigation, though you may still reveal clue cards when interacting with other players.

  7. Elimination: Players who make incorrect accusations are out of the game, but they can still participate in discussions and reveal clue cards. The game continues until one player correctly accuses or only one player remains.

The main objectives of Mystery Mansion are to gather clues, interact with other players to obtain information, and use deductive reasoning to identify the correct suspect, weapon, and crime scene. The player who successfully makes the correct accusation or the last remaining player wins the game.

Remember that the specific rules and gameplay mechanics may vary slightly depending on the edition or version of the game you are playing. It's recommended to consult the rulebook provided with your specific copy of Mystery Mansion for detailed instructions.


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