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Keyword Game

Keyword Game is a popular word association or word guessing game that often involves players trying to guess a particular word based on clues provided by their opponents. The game's mechanics are quite simple, making it a fun and interactive way to test vocabulary and creativity. Here's how to play and the basic rules of the Keyword Game


  1. Players: The game is typically played by a group of people, with at least two players required to start.

  2. Objective: The main objective of the game is to guess the keyword based on the clues provided by the other players.

  3. Clues: Players take turns giving one-word clues that are related to the keyword they want others to guess.

  4. Guessing: The other players listen to the clue and try to guess the keyword that the clue-giver has in mind.

  5. Turns: Players take turns giving clues and guessing the keyword. The order of turns may rotate clockwise or be determined by other methods.

  6. Time Limit (Optional): To keep the game moving, you can introduce a time limit for giving clues or making guesses.


  1. One-Word Clues: Each player must give a one-word clue to help others guess the keyword. The clue should be related to the keyword but not so obvious that it immediately gives the answer away.

  2. No Direct Hints: Clues should not directly or obviously point to the keyword. The challenge lies in coming up with creative clues that require some thought and association.

  3. No Repeated Clues: Once a clue has been used in the game, it cannot be repeated by any player.

  4. No Proper Nouns: Clues should not be proper nouns, such as names of people, places, or specific titles.

  5. No Rhyming Clues: Clues should not rhyme with the keyword.

  6. No Gestures or Sounds: Players should refrain from using gestures, sounds, or charades to convey clues.


  1. Keyword Guessing: After a clue is given, the other players take turns guessing the keyword associated with the clue.

  2. Unlimited Guesses: Players can continue guessing until someone correctly identifies the keyword or until the clue-giver reveals the answer.

  3. Revealing the Answer: If nobody guesses the keyword, the clue-giver reveals the answer and can explain how the clue was related to it.


  1. Points (Optional): You can introduce a scoring system where players earn points for successfully guessing keywords.

  2. Rotating Roles: The role of clue-giver and guesser can rotate after each round or based on a predetermined order.

The Keyword Game is a creative and engaging word association activity that encourages players to think quickly, make connections, and come up with clever clues. The game is flexible and can be adapted to different group sizes and preferences. It's a fun way to challenge your vocabulary and have a great time with friends and family.


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