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Jelly Mario

In Jelly Mario, the objectives are similar to those in the original Super Mario Bros. game, with a twist due to the jelly-like physics. The main goal is to guide Mario through each level, overcoming obstacles and enemies to reach the end.

Here are the objectives and basic gameplay elements of Jelly Mario:

  1. Movement: Control Mario's movements using the arrow keys or WASD keys. Pressing the up or W key makes Mario jump.

  2. Level Completion: The primary objective is to reach the end of each level, which is usually represented by a flagpole. You must navigate through various platforms, avoid hazards, and overcome challenges to progress.

  3. Collectibles: Just like in the original Mario games, you can collect coins as you move through the levels. These coins contribute to your overall score but are not necessary to complete the levels.

  4. Enemies: In Jelly Mario, you can still encounter enemies such as Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Jumping on their heads will typically defeat them. However, due to the jelly physics, the timing and effectiveness of your jumps may vary.

  5. Power-ups: Some levels may contain power-ups, such as mushrooms, which can provide additional abilities or increase Mario's size. These power-ups can enhance your chances of success in certain situations.

  6. Physics-based Challenges: The unique feature of Jelly Mario is its jelly-like physics, causing Mario and the environment to deform and behave unpredictably. Embrace the bounciness and stretchiness of Mario as you adapt to the physics-based challenges of each level.

  7. Exploration and Experimentation: Part of the fun in Jelly Mario comes from experimenting with the physics and exploring the unconventional behaviors of the characters and objects. Feel free to try new approaches, test the limits of the jelly-like physics, and enjoy the unexpected outcomes.

The overall objective of Jelly Mario is to navigate the levels, defeat enemies, and reach the end while adapting to the unpredictable physics. The game provides a playful and lighthearted experience, encouraging you to enjoy the unconventional twist on the classic Super Mario Bros. gameplay.

Remember, Jelly Mario is a fan-made game, and its objectives may vary slightly from the official Mario games. Enjoy the wobbly adventures and embrace the fun and unpredictable nature of the game!


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