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Interland is an educational online game developed by Google that focuses on teaching children about internet safety and digital citizenship. To play Interland and understand its mechanics and rules, here is a guide:

  1. Choose a Game World: Interland consists of different game worlds, each representing a different aspect of online safety. Select the game world you want to explore and learn about. The available worlds may include Mindful Mountain, Tower of Treasure, Kind Kingdom, and Reality River.

  2. Learn the Basics: Each game world in Interland introduces different concepts related to online safety. Follow the instructions and tutorials provided within the game world to understand the basic mechanics and rules specific to that world.

  3. Complete Objectives: In each game world, you will have specific objectives to complete. These objectives are designed to teach you about different aspects of internet safety, such as creating strong passwords, avoiding phishing scams, handling cyberbullying, and protecting personal information.

  4. Navigate the Challenges: As you progress through each game world, you will encounter challenges and obstacles related to internet safety. Use the game controls and mechanics to navigate through these challenges, solve puzzles, and overcome virtual hazards.

  5. Collect Gems or Stars: In many game worlds, you will collect gems or stars as you complete objectives and overcome challenges. These gems or stars represent your progress and achievements within the game.

  6. Interact with Characters: Interland features various characters that provide guidance and information throughout the game. Pay attention to their instructions and engage with them to learn more about internet safety principles and best practices.

  7. Practice Safe Online Behavior: As you play Interland, remember to apply the lessons learned in the game to real-life online situations. Understand the importance of protecting personal information, being respectful to others online, and practicing responsible digital citizenship.

  8. Progress and Explore: Successfully completing objectives in one game world unlocks new levels or worlds within Interland. Keep progressing, exploring new challenges, and reinforcing your knowledge of internet safety.

Remember, Interland is designed to be an educational game that promotes internet safety awareness. Follow the rules and guidelines provided within the game, and enjoy learning about how to navigate the online world safely and responsibly.


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