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Home Sheep Home

To play the game Home Sheep Home, you will need to guide a group of sheep through various levels and help them reach their respective homes. The main objective of the game is to successfully navigate the sheep through obstacles and puzzles to reach the end of each level.

Here are some steps to play the game:

  1. Select a level: Start by choosing a level from the available options. Each level will present different challenges and puzzles.
  2. Control the sheep: You will control three different sheep: Shaun, Shirley, and Timmy. Use the arrow keys or mouse to move them around.
  3. Solve puzzles: Each level will have obstacles and puzzles that you need to overcome. These can include switches, platforms, buttons, and more. Use the unique abilities of each sheep to solve these puzzles. Shaun is the fastest, Shirley is the heaviest, and Timmy is the smallest.
  4. Work as a team: The sheep need to work together to overcome obstacles. Use their abilities to your advantage. For example, Shaun can jump higher, Shirley can push heavy objects, and Timmy can fit through small spaces.
  5. Collect socks: Throughout the levels, you will find socks scattered around. Try to collect as many socks as possible to earn bonus points.
  6. Reach the home: The ultimate goal is to guide all the sheep to their respective homes. Make sure all the sheep reach their homes safely to complete the level.

Remember, each level will present new challenges, so be prepared to think creatively and strategize to overcome them. Good luck!


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