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Diggy is a mining and exploration game where players control a character who must dig through layers of dirt and rocks to uncover hidden treasures and artifacts. Here are some of the challenges and obstacles that players will encounter in Diggy:

  1. Limited Resources: Players must manage their resources carefully, including their energy and the durability of their tools. Digging and exploring requires energy, which depletes over time and must be replenished through food and drinks. Tools have a limited durability and will eventually break, forcing players to repair or replace them.

  2. Obstacles: The underground world of Diggy is filled with obstacles that players must navigate around or destroy to progress through the game. These obstacles can include rocks, boulders, and wooden barriers that block the player's path.

  3. Puzzles: Many areas in Diggy contain puzzles or challenges that players must solve to progress. These puzzles can include finding hidden objects, activating switches, or matching symbols.

  4. Enemies: Players must also be wary of enemies that lurk in the underground tunnels. These enemies include spiders, bats, and other creatures that will attack the player on sight. Players must either fight these enemies or avoid them to progress.

  5. Upgrades: To overcome these challenges, players can upgrade their tools and equipment, increasing their efficiency and effectiveness. Players can also purchase new items and equipment to aid them in their exploration.

Overall, Diggy is a game that requires strategy and careful planning to succeed. By managing their resources, navigating obstacles, solving puzzles, and upgrading their tools, players can uncover hidden treasures and artifacts, and progress through the game.

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