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Dig Dug

Dig Dug is a classic arcade game where the objective is to dig tunnels underground, defeat enemies, and earn points. While there isn't a specific "winning" condition in Dig Dug, achieving success in the game involves earning a high score and progressing through the levels. Here's a guide on how to play and achieve success in Dig Dug:

  1. Understand the Controls:

    • Familiarize yourself with the controls of the game. In Dig Dug, you typically use a joystick or directional buttons to move your character and a button to dig and pump air.
  2. Dig Tunnels:

    • Your character starts at the surface, and the objective is to dig tunnels through the dirt underground.
    • Move your character strategically to create tunnels in the desired direction. You can dig in any of the four cardinal directions.
  3. Defeat Enemies:

    • As you dig, you'll encounter enemies known as Pookas and Fygars. Your goal is to defeat them to earn points.
    • To defeat enemies, approach them and use your character's pump to inflate them until they burst.
    • Alternatively, you can crush enemies by strategically dropping rocks on them when they are positioned under them.
  4. Avoid Enemy Attacks:

    • Enemies in Dig Dug can harm your character. Avoid their attacks to prevent losing a life.
    • Pookas can move freely through tunnels and inflate themselves to attack you, while Fygars can shoot fire at you from a distance.
  5. Plan Your Movements:

    • Dig strategically to create tunnels that allow you to maneuver efficiently and avoid enemies.
    • Plan your movements carefully to lure enemies into positions where you can defeat them effectively.
  6. Earn Points:

    • Points are awarded for various actions in Dig Dug, such as defeating enemies, collecting vegetables, and completing levels.
    • Defeating enemies early in their appearance awards more points. The longer you take to defeat them, the fewer points you'll earn.
  7. Use the Environment:

    • Take advantage of the environment in Dig Dug. You can drop rocks on enemies to crush them or strategically use rocks to block enemy paths and create barriers.
  8. Progress through the Levels:

    • Dig Dug features multiple levels with increasing difficulty. The objective is to progress through these levels and achieve the highest score possible.
    • Each level introduces new challenges, such as additional enemies and more complex layouts, so adapt your strategies accordingly.
  9. Extra Lives:

    • Occasionally, bonus items like fruits and vegetables will appear in the tunnels. Collecting these items can award extra lives.
  10. Avoid Getting Trapped:

    • Be cautious not to get trapped by digging in a way that leaves you surrounded by dirt with no escape route.
    • Plan your movements and consider the potential consequences of digging certain tunnels.
  11. Have Patience and Practice:

    • Dig Dug requires patience and practice to master. The more you play, the better you'll become at anticipating enemy movements and optimizing your strategies.

Remember, while winning in Dig Dug doesn't have a definitive endpoint, the primary goal is to achieve a high score and challenge yourself to progress through the levels. Enjoy the nostalgic arcade experience, strive for high scores, and have fun digging and defeating enemies in Dig Dug.


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