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color by number

Color by number is a puzzle game that involves coloring images using a numbered color code. Here are some of the key features of the game, including levels or stages:

  1. Various images to color: Color by number features a wide range of images to color, including animals, landscapes, flowers, and more. These images are divided into various levels or stages, with each level offering a different image to color.

  2. Numbered color code: Each image is divided into multiple sections, and each section is assigned a number. A numbered color code is provided at the bottom of the screen, and players must use the correct colors to fill in each section based on the number code.

  3. Difficulty levels: Color by number offers different difficulty levels, ranging from easy to expert. The number of sections and the complexity of the image increase with each difficulty level.

  4. Undo and hint options: The game offers undo and hint options that players can use if they make a mistake or get stuck. The undo option allows players to go back and correct a mistake, while the hint option shows the correct color for a particular section.

  5. Rewards and achievements: Players can earn rewards and achievements for completing levels and coloring images accurately. These rewards can include new images to color or special tools that make the coloring process easier.

  6. Color palette customization: Some versions of the game may offer color palette customization options, allowing players to choose their preferred color palette for the game.

Overall, Color by number is a fun and relaxing game that offers a wide variety of images to color, different difficulty levels, and rewarding gameplay.



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