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Candy Riddles

Candy Riddles is a match-3 puzzle game where the objective is to match and eliminate candies to progress through levels. To earn points and progress in Candy Riddles, follow these guidelines:

  1. Match Candies: The primary goal is to match three or more candies of the same type by swapping adjacent candies either horizontally or vertically. Creating matches will eliminate those candies from the board and earn you points.

  2. Special Candy Combos: Creating matches of four or more candies can create special candies with unique abilities. These special candies can be formed by creating a line, T-shape, or L-shape match. Utilize these special candies strategically to clear more candies from the board and earn additional points.

  3. Achieve Level Objectives: Each level in Candy Riddles comes with specific objectives that need to be completed to progress. These objectives can include reaching a target score, collecting specific types of candies, clearing obstacles like chocolate or ice, or dropping items to the bottom of the board. Focus on achieving these objectives within the given number of moves or time limit to move forward.

  4. Utilize Boosters: Candy Riddles often provides boosters or power-ups to help you overcome challenging levels. These boosters can be earned as rewards or purchased using in-game currency. Boosters can include abilities such as swapping two candies, clearing a row or column, or removing specific candies from the board. Activate these boosters strategically to assist in earning points and completing objectives.

  5. Score Multipliers: Some levels may introduce score multipliers that increase the points you earn for each match. Take advantage of these opportunities by creating matches near the multiplier tiles to maximize your score.

  6. Time Management: In some levels, time may be a factor. Complete the level within the given time limit to earn extra points or progress. Make quick and efficient moves to clear as many candies as possible.

  7. Progressing Through Map: Candy Riddles often has a map or level progression system. As you complete levels, you unlock new areas or chapters with more challenging puzzles. Keep progressing through the map by completing levels and unlocking new content.

Remember, Candy Riddles can have variations in gameplay mechanics and objectives depending on the specific version or platform you're playing on. The game may introduce new elements or twists as you advance. Refer to the in-game instructions or tutorial for more details on specific features, boosters, and objectives.

Enjoy matching candies, earning points, and progressing through the sweet world of Candy Riddles!


using mouse

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