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In Candy Clicker, the objective is to earn points and progress by clicking on candies and managing your resources effectively. Here's a guide on how to earn points and progress in Candy Clicker:

  1. Clicking on Candies: The main way to earn points in Candy Clicker is by clicking on the candies that appear on the screen. Each click on a candy earns you a certain number of points. The more you click, the more points you accumulate.

  2. Upgrading Candies: As you earn points, you can use them to purchase upgrades for your candies. These upgrades increase the point value of each click, allowing you to earn more points with each interaction. Focus on purchasing these upgrades to maximize your point earnings.

  3. Purchasing Buildings: In addition to upgrading candies, you can use your points to buy various buildings in Candy Clicker. Each building generates points automatically over time. The more buildings you own, the more points you earn passively. Consider investing in different types of buildings to diversify your income.

  4. Managing Upgrades and Buildings: Efficiently managing your upgrades and buildings is crucial for progress in Candy Clicker. Prioritize purchasing upgrades that offer the highest point increases and invest in buildings that generate points at a steady rate. Balance your investments to ensure a steady stream of points from both clicking and passive income.

  5. Completing Objectives and Challenges: Candy Clicker often includes objectives and challenges that provide additional points and rewards. These objectives may involve reaching certain milestones, clicking a specific number of candies, or purchasing specific upgrades or buildings. Keep an eye on the objectives and strive to complete them for extra points and progression.

  6. Prestige System: Candy Clicker may include a prestige system that allows you to reset your progress in exchange for special bonuses or rewards. Prestiging typically grants you prestige points or candies that can be used to unlock unique upgrades or perks. Consider prestiging when you feel you've reached a point of diminishing returns, as it can boost your progression in the long run.

  7. Active and Idle Play: Candy Clicker can be played actively by continuously clicking on candies or idly by letting your buildings generate points automatically. Find a playstyle that suits you best, whether it's actively clicking for quick bursts of points or leaving the game running in the background to accumulate passive income.

By focusing on clicking candies, upgrading, purchasing buildings, and managing your resources effectively, you can steadily earn points and progress in Candy Clicker. Explore the game's mechanics, experiment with different strategies, and aim for high scores as you indulge in this addictive clicker game.


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