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baldi's basics

Baldi's Basics is a unique educational horror game that doesn't typically involve a traditional scoring system or feedback mechanisms commonly found in other games. However, there are certain elements in the game that can be considered as feedback or scoring indicators. Here are some gameplay elements related to feedback and scoring in Baldi's Basics:

  1. Collecting Notebooks: The main objective of Baldi's Basics is to collect seven notebooks scattered throughout the school while solving math problems. Each notebook contains a set of math questions that you must answer correctly. Successfully answering the questions provides a sense of progress and accomplishment, indicating that you are one step closer to completing the game.

  2. Progress Tracker: In the upper-right corner of the screen, you can find a progress tracker that shows the number of notebooks you've collected out of the total. This serves as a visual feedback, letting you know how many notebooks you still need to collect and how close you are to completing the game.

  3. Sound Cues: Throughout the game, various sound cues provide feedback about the game's events and Baldi's proximity. For example, you might hear a distinct sound when Baldi is nearby or when he starts chasing you. These audio cues help you understand the game's mechanics, react accordingly, and adjust your strategies to avoid getting caught.

  4. Ending Screen: Once you've collected all seven notebooks and answered all the math questions correctly, you will trigger the ending sequence. The game will provide an ending screen or cutscene, giving you closure and indicating that you have successfully completed the game's primary objective.

  5. Speedrunning: Although not officially integrated into the game, some players may choose to compete in speedruns, aiming to complete the game as quickly as possible. In speedrunning, the time taken to complete the game serves as a scoring mechanism, and players can compare their times to those of other speedrunners to gauge their performance and skill.

It's important to note that Baldi's Basics focuses more on creating a challenging and unpredictable gameplay experience rather than emphasizing traditional scoring or feedback systems. The game aims to evoke a sense of tension, uncertainty, and occasional jump scares. The lack of a detailed scoring system allows for a more immersive and unpredictable gameplay experience, emphasizing the game's unique blend of educational elements and horror elements.


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